Did you know that Ragnarson is 10 years old already?

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It all began in 2006…

when Łukasz hired first developers. It was the time when Rails 1.2 was on fire (introducing REST, respond_to and unicode support), cutting edge JS was written in Prototype, and web development was a wild, wild west.

As the team was growing…

it was time for the company to grow up. In 2010, we incorporated as Ragnarson sp. z o.o. Several team members took the opportunity to become shareholders.

Also in 2010…

we started building our own startup - Shelly Cloud, a platform for hosting Ruby applications. We have since closed that business, but we learned a lot about building startups, designing products and working with customers. We use those skills to help our current customers grow their businesses.

Since we started…

a lot of people from Tricity joined our team, so it was a natural move to open a second office there. It’s located in an awesome spot, next to the main boulevard in Sopot, only a few minutes from the beach.

In 2014…

We decided to double down on our involvement in the Berlin startup scene. We opened the third office, and our CEO moved there.

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